A Trip to the Garden

Welcome to my Garden!
August 21, 2010, 4:18 pm
Filed under: Gardening

Hello all and welcome to my blog! I’m Suzie. My family and I just moved into our first house this spring. I was instantly excited about the idea of putting a garden in our backyard. I have never grown a garden, in fact I think I was born with quite the brown thumb. I decided that I would cruise the internet looking for blogs on the topic. To my dismay, I had a hard time finding a good blog for my neck of the woods, Oregon. My solution I decided would be to start my own blog. I am starting my garden in a season that often gets overlooked. I can’t wait to see what my fall harvest brings me. I am going to document my progress from the first planting to the last harvest, sharing my tips and most likely failures along the way. Hopefully we can all learn something as we go.

In addition to gardening posts, you will probably see some posts about my other passions: cooking, crafts, and saving money. I am a stay at home mom and am constantly finding new projects that I want to dig into.  So come along with me. I would love to hear your story. Welcome and let the journey begin!


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