A Trip to the Garden

My Basil Made a Come back
August 30, 2010, 11:30 am
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My basil looked a little pitful when I planted it the other day, but I must say it has made quite the comeback 🙂 Here are my theories as to why I think they made a turnaround:

1. Their new soil and all the nummy nutrients it contained.

2. I pinched off some of the dying leaves, allowing the plant to focus it’s energy on the remaining leaves

I thought I had one more…but hmmmm can’t think of it.

Well today we got our first good rain in a long time (although it does seem pretty early to be getting this “icky” whether already). I can’t complain too much, because my little sprouts seem to be enjoying the water. However, I do hope that the sun comes back, as my plants only got about a week of good sun.

As I write this, I am ancy in anticipation for the veggies to be ready….I actually want to plant more. It seems every couple of days there is a food recall announced (today it was beef), making me want to eat as much from my own resources as possible. I can’t wait until I have a garden so plentiful that I no longer need to buy produce from the store and I have enough to share.



The Veggies are Coming!
August 29, 2010, 12:23 pm
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Well not yet- but they are finally on their way. They are officially in the ground. We finished the construction of the beds and put them in place. Then came the beautiful, rich, planting mix. And finally, the planting of the starts. We planted: peas (2), white onions, yellow onions, brocolli (2), cauliflower, spinach, basil (2), and lettuce. Yummy- I can’t wait until we can harvest fresh fruits and veggies from our own garden. I wish I could post a pic, but my camera is no longer working 😦 So hopefully I will have a new camera soon and be able to post some pics of our harvest (assuming that the plants survive 😉 )

Off to the garden-


Almost a Garden
August 24, 2010, 10:38 am
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We got the raised bed constructed and they are sitting in the backyard. Made it to the nursery and they had very few starts left but we did get some basil, snap peas, white onions, and yellow onions. We also got seeds for spinach and cauliflower. We will be going back on Thursday to get more starts- hopefully brocolli, kale, cabbage, and much more. I can’t wait to be able to eat fresh food from the garden.

In other news, we have decided to purchase a couple chickens next year. We are trying to transition to eating more natural foods and knowing where are dinner came from. We also plan to purchase a side of beef. Who knew moving outside the city would turn me into a farmer? 🙂 I must say it is quite fun.

Getting Started
August 21, 2010, 5:04 pm
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So I must say that we are just in the very beginning stages of our garden. I have my fingers crossed that we have not started too late. From what I have been reading, I should have enough time to get a good season in. The first thing we have done to prep our garden is find a spot and clear it out. We had two dead plants just taking up space under our windows, so we decided to rip those up. This was quite the task- thank you hubby 🙂 After that, used a rototiller to loosen up our very hard soil. We do plan to used raised garden beds, but the loose soil below will help the roots of some of the plants grow deeper. Today’s task will be to make the raised beds (nothing too fancy). I will post pictures when these are done. I think we also will be heading down to the garden center to get our starts. Yes we are using starts, not seeds. With this being my first year, I wanted to start fairly simple. I also think that it is too late to start from seed.

I hope to make quick progress getting everything started and post multiple updates along the way. Stay tuned….

Welcome to my Garden!
August 21, 2010, 4:18 pm
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Hello all and welcome to my blog! I’m Suzie. My family and I just moved into our first house this spring. I was instantly excited about the idea of putting a garden in our backyard. I have never grown a garden, in fact I think I was born with quite the brown thumb. I decided that I would cruise the internet looking for blogs on the topic. To my dismay, I had a hard time finding a good blog for my neck of the woods, Oregon. My solution I decided would be to start my own blog. I am starting my garden in a season that often gets overlooked. I can’t wait to see what my fall harvest brings me. I am going to document my progress from the first planting to the last harvest, sharing my tips and most likely failures along the way. Hopefully we can all learn something as we go.

In addition to gardening posts, you will probably see some posts about my other passions: cooking, crafts, and saving money. I am a stay at home mom and am constantly finding new projects that I want to dig into.  So come along with me. I would love to hear your story. Welcome and let the journey begin!